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My Story!

I have had a roller coaster experience following my passion for art and photography.


I grew up in Gulbarga, which is a small town in north Karnataka, India. From my childhood, I had a passion for

drawing and painting (water painting). During my school and college days, I regularly participated in many

competitions and won several awards.

Soon after my graduation in 2002, I moved out to settle in Hyderabad, which is one of the closest cities, & started

my career. By that time, life unexpectedly became increasingly hectic and I had very little time to follow my passion.

After a year, I moved to Bangalore for better prospects and then to Hong Kong for a couple of years. By now I had completely lost touch with my drawing and painting skills and when I decided to resume my passion, I discovered my taste towards Photography. That's when, I bought my first DSLR camera, a Canon 550D, which is an entry-level camera, along with a kit lens (18-55mm)

I started learning photography by reading a lot of articles, watching videos and doing a bit of practising, like on-the-job learning. In the beginning, it was very difficult to understand the terminologies and learn the techniques all by myself, but after a few years of hard work and persistent practising, I managed to overcome all these challenges.

In 2019, I got my first big breakthrough when I was awarded the "Global Photographer of the Year" within my organisation with 250k employees globally. This was very encouraging and motivating for me to continue following my passion. The same year, one of my photographs was also awarded "Photo of the Day" by National Geographic Channel and was published on their website and all their social media handles, which really gave me the global visibility, I was looking for, From there, several of my photographs were awarded at both National and International levels, published and printed as a cover page of a book with 99k print copies.

For me photography has been and is one of the best ways to capture a moment which will neither reoccur naturally nor can it be recreated by us. It helps me to

  • follow what I love to do

  • gives me a reason to travel frequently

  • brings me close to the nature and wildlife around us and above all

  • helos me in creating the scenes and things, the way I see them 

(Youtube Channel - Photographers Kit)

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