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My Story!

From small-town brushstrokes to global shutter clicks:

My journey with art began in Gulbarga, a quaint town in north Karnataka, India. Growing up, I was captivated

by the world of drawing and painting, especially watercolors. Throughout school and college, I actively

participated in competitions, garnering recognition for my artistic endeavors.


However, after graduating in 2002, life took a different turn. Settling in Hyderabad and pursuing a career left me with little time for my artistic pursuits. Relocations to Bangalore and Hong Kong further distanced me from my creative outlets. By the time I yearned to reconnect with art, my passion had evolved towards a new medium: photography.

Embracing this newfound passion, I acquired my first camera, a Canon 550D, and embarked on a self-directed learning journey. Devouring articles, watching tutorials, and experimenting relentlessly, I navigated the complexities of photography on my own. The initial challenges were formidable, but years of dedication and perseverance gradually honed my skills.

A defining moment arrived in 2019 when I was named "Global Photographer of the Year" within my organization, a recognition that resonated deeply within me. This, along with having a photograph featured as "Photo of the Day" by National Geographic (NGC) , fueled my creative spirit and propelled me onto the global stage. Since then, my work has garnered accolades at national and international levels, even gracing the ​cover of a book with a massive print run.

For me, photography transcends mere image capture. It's a powerful tool to freeze fleeting moments in time, a source of inspiration for frequent travel, a bridge to the beauty of nature and wildlife, and ultimately, a medium to express my unique perspective on the world.

(Youtube Channel - Photographers Kit)

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