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Trip to Hampi (India), a UNESCO Heritage Site

Updated: May 27, 2022

Hampi, such a beautiful place to visit! Its a paradise for

  • Historian's

  • Photographers

  • Travellers

  • And in fact anyone else

Wonderful roads and will surely enjoy a drive if you are from Bengaluru. The new outer ring road of Chittradurg is astonishing.

The introduction and details of Hampi is something I am not going to provide here as it has been published numerous times, but what I do want to show is my artwork through my camera.

Please do take a look at my artwork and a detailed video and provide your valuable comments. This will inspire me to follow my plans of visiting more places as a part of my dedicated photography trips.

Thanks for taking the time and reading my post!

This video is made specifically for photographers who wants to know the actual places and monuments in Hampi a small town in south India, places and monuments which are excellent to photography and can’t be missed. (video clips shot by iPhone)


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