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100+ Birds photographed in South India

Updated: May 27, 2022

Few years ago, I found the interest in watching and photographing one of the most wonderful creation - Birds. During this time I have seen and photographed more than 100+ species of birds in South India, most of which are photographed in Karnataka state and few from "Pulicat Lake" in Tamil Nadu state. (117 species)

During the stressful time of lockdown and COVID situation, spending time looking at these birds through my photos and then writing my first blog was the best way, I was able to release my stress.

Things which I have realised;

"We need them far more than they need us"

"They pollinate plants"

"They spread seeds"

"They keep insects and rodents in check"

"Transform entire landscape"

"They add sound and color to our lives"

and many more...

Have categorised them based on size in my interpretations and just to create sections. (will update with new species, whenever I get a chance to photograph them)


(Tiny but super quick)


(And some of the most colourful too)


(great swimmers and divers)


(perfect and most successful hunters)


(big and adorable)

If birds have not interested you till now, I hope these photos should help you to give it another try! And trust me, its worth the time spent watching these birds as they teach us a lot about the nature around us and how they are inter-related.


Vinod K

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